CataMana is a curriculum inventory management (CIM) SaaS platform for higher education institutions.

easy to use

Simple, secure access allows your community of users to keep course content fresh in real-time.

all in one place

Centralized course content reduces time and costs with global change capabilities.

incredible student experience

Your students get all the information how they need it, when they need it.

Discover the Power of CataMana

Most institutions don’t think of their courses as offerings, but the reality is the student is your customer and your catalog listing is your products.

CataMana is a Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) SaaS platform designed to put confident
catalog management in the
hands of the institution.

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CataMana Features

Curriculum independence

Empower content owners to control their own content changes. Oversight from institution administrators ensures adherence to the change request process.

improved rate of change

Reduce timelines for completing faculty change requests. CataMana has reduced change request timelines from 5 days to less than 24 hours, reducing IT and marketing costs.

CataMana creates a simple, centralized, and accessible path for faculty, program directors, administrators, marketing, and IT to manage catalog content while maintaining institutional policies and processes. As a SaaS subscription-based model, host your programmatic content and provide access from anywhere with an internet connection. Get started on your own or let us implement the platform for you!

Add functionality to CataMana with apps to create a content solution that matches your needs.

All your apps, in one place.

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Gain control of your course catalog!